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Month: April 2018

(Español) El Blockchain es más importante que las criptomonedas.

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(Español) Sergey Shneyerson, nuevo asesor de Gira Financial Group AG

Sergey Shneyerson appointed as a new member of the Senior Advisory
Committee at Gira Financial Group AG
Gira Financial Group AG is consolidating its business activities and engaging Sergey Shneyerson as an additional member of its Senior Advisory Committee.
The fintech company Gira Financial Group AG (GFG) is strengthening its strategic focus in the area of blockchain-based services for third parties and adding to its project portfolio. Sergey Shneyerson is joining its Senior Advisory Committee with immediate effect to support this development. A proven financial expert, he will make an important contribution to the rollout of new projects and the implementation of the business strategy.

Sergey Shneyerson, 52, is the founding partner of Basil Street Advisory in New York, an advisory firm that develops growth strategies and arranges financing and M&A transactions for private equity firms and businesses in the high technology, fintech, digital transformation and IoT (Internet of Things) markets. Sergey Shneyerson studied Economics and Construction Management at the Moscow
Institute of Railroad Transport Engineers (Mirte) and has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the renowned J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois.

He began his career with the Boston Consulting Group, where he helped develop software, IT and ecommerce strategies for major listed US companies. He went on to work in senior positions at Switchouse (Amazon), Exigen Group, Mirantis and Microsoft. At all these companies he had key responsibility for research and development, implementation and business development in connection with technological processes, e-commerce platforms, cloud computing, digital
transformation and the handling of financing arrangements and M&A transactions.
As a private equity expert and one of the world’s leading specialists in technological transformation and new digital business models, Sergey Shneyerson is an impressive addition to GFG’s Senior Advisory Committee.

In addition to Sergey Shneyerson, GFG’s Senior Advisory Committee comprises: Dr Sabina KorfmannBodenmann, financial expert and owner of Korfmann Corporate Communications Consulting AG
(KCCC), which specialises in financial institutions; Dr Daniel Rytz, chemical engineer and expert in process optimisation and organisational procedures; George Schmidt, Head of Financial Services at Accenture and a specialist in digital transformation.


About Gira Financial Group AG:
Gira Financial Group AG (GFG), established in 2016, is a Swiss fintech company that develops innovative applications and business models based on blockchain technology. Its proprietary platform and blockchain enable a range of transaction, trading and currency exchange models as well as multiple wallets. Equally, projects are developed and implemented by third parties using GFG’s
blockchain. The digital currency Giracoin is integrated into a broad network of members, trading partners and buyers. In its capacity as a financial intermediary, Gira Financial Group is a member of the Swiss self-regulatory organisation PolyReg.


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