The Swiss fintech company Gira Financial Group AG is expanding its business activities and engaging Dr Daniel Rytz as an additional member of its Senior Advisory Committee.


Since it was established in 2016 Gira Financial Group AG (GFG) has enjoyed considerable success and the company is expanding its business activities. To reflect this expansion, the Senior Advisory Committee is being enlarged. As at 1 January 2018 Dr Daniel Rytz will join the Senior Advisory Committee of GFG, where he will assist the company in developing and implementing its business strategy.


Daniel Rytz, 57, was most recently interim CEO and a member of the Board of Directors and company management of Polymetrix, a firm specialising in process technology. He studied process engineering at ETH Zurich and gained a doctorate in chemical engineering. Dr Rytz began his professional career at Sulzer Chemtech AG as a process engineer. Between 1993 and 1997 he worked at Krebs Swiss AG as Process and Marketing Manager for the India, Middle East, southern Europe and South America markets and was responsible for the construction of brine preparation plants. He then worked at Glatt AG between 1997 and 2006 as Sales and Marketing Director and a member of the Executive Board. In 2006 he moved to Kühni AG. After the company was sold to Sulzer Chemtech, Dr Rytz worked for the latter in various managerial posts, including as Head of Special Projects. Finally, between 2015 and 2017 he was responsible for strategic development at Polymetrix and was in charge of the exit process for the private equity shareholders.


With his engineering expertise and his extensive understanding of processes, process optimisation and organisational procedures, combined with his many years of experience in building up, expanding and managing SMEs, Daniel Rytz will provide key input to GFG as a member of the company’s Senior Advisory Committee.


About Gira Financial Group AG:

Gira Financial Group AG (GFG), established in 2016, is a Swiss fintech company that develops innovative applications and business models based on blockchain technology. Its proprietary platform and blockchain enable a range of transaction, trading and currency exchange models as well as multiple wallets. Equally, projects are developed and implemented by third parties using GFG’s blockchain. The digital currency Giracoin is integrated into a broad network of members, trading partners and buyers. In its capacity as a financial intermediary, Gira Financial Group is a member of the Swiss self-regulatory organisation PolyReg. GFG is currently implementing an expanded version of


Giracoin, including for example hyperledger fabric, which further increases the security, flexibility and attractiveness of the platform.

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