Start December 2017 – Quantum Fork 26-29. January 2018

The Gira Financial Group is bracing itself for the future and deploying the Giracoin 2.0 Blockchain based on the Hyperledger and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). We are entering a new age of digital transformation and leaving the one-way path of pure cryptocurrency. With the new Blockchain, we are ready for the revolution of the digital world. Whether it’s the interaction between humans and machine or the communication from machine to machine – we are making a quantum leap.


The cryptocurrency Giracoin 1.0 based on the Bitcoin Core version 0.13 is the first Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency uniting PoW and PoS. Currently, the Giracoin has a PoW reward of 2600 GIRA with a simple retargeting difficulty and is the base currency for the Gira Universe ecosystem founded by Gira Financial Group AG providing payment and ecommerce solution. The Giracoin 1.0 was operated as closed mining to support the sustainable performance of Giracoin and now we are ready to take the next leap with our cryptocurrency. Giracoin 1.0 becomes by end of year 2017 GiraUno and will be released as opensource.

At the time of publication, GiraUno will contain the following features. As inflation protection, GiraUno will have reward halving algorithm similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, in addition Segwit2x will be implemented with a block size of 8MB in order to be able to defy the market as a future payment solution. GiraUno will be Atomic Swap ready and after the release the GiraUno maintainers will implement the Lightning Protocol in the mainnet of GiraUno.

Giracoin 2.0

Digital transformation is the revolution of today. All industries are experiencing disruptive changes and the service sector is already in the midst of digital transformation. Users expect smart services from individual packages, products, and services. Digitisation 2.0 has now arrived at Industry 4.0, where human-machine interaction and machine-to-machine communication play an important role. The digital world demands binding contracts and data to be processed intelligently. Processes should be transparent and comprehensible, and at the same time data protection and personal identity must meet high security standards. Giracoin 2.0 is up to the challenges of the future. With the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as its currency base and Hyperledger as a Swiss Army knife among distributed ledger technologies, the Giracoin 2.0 platform can bring together traditional and future digital world processes. Thanks to the modular approach,

Giracoin 2.0 can always be supplemented with new technologies.





Start: 01 October 2016
Total Supply 21`000`000`000
PoS/PoW Blockchain with Lightning Network

Giracoin 2.0

Start 26-29 Januar 2018
Total Supply 21`000`000
Hyperledger / Etherum virtual Machine Blockchain
Decentralised Data-Storage
Smart Contract
Atomic Swap Ready
Developer Base 2.0 Blockchain

Holder of GiraUno gets automatically the same number of Giracoin 2.0 at the time of Quantum-Fork (26-29 January 2018)


Gira Financial Group AG

Founded in 2016, Gira Financial Group AG (GFG) is a Swiss fintech company that develops innovative blockchain technology-based applications and business models. The proprietary platform and blockchain enable a variety of transaction, trading and currency exchange models as well as multiple wallets. Likewise, projects from third-parties are being developed and implemented on GFG’s blockchain. The system currency, Giracoin is integrated into a broad network of members, trading partners and buyers. As a financial intermediary, Gira Financial Group is a member of the Swiss self-regulatory organisation, Polyreg.